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Meet the Team


Jack Feng

Chief Executive Officer

Jack is currently working on his Ph.D. in software testing at the University of Texas at Arlington. Ever since he arrived in the United States, Jack has pushed his way through high school, college and graduate school by receiving various academic scholarships, awards, and honors. During college, he volunteered for non-profit study abroad organizations.

With years of personal and professional experience now under his belt, Jack has helped hundreds of international students receive a quality education in the United States. It is most rewarding as CEO to see his students grow as individuals and become better-rounded people.


Hedy Zhao

Chief Operation Officer

Hedy studied business administration at the University of Wyoming. She has lived in the United States for more than ten years and has gained valuable experience in our field.

Hedy first came to the country as a college student, which was an educational experience that changed her life. Her fluency in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese contributes to Hedy’s vital role in the Blue Ribbon Association, and her hard work allows our organization to have such a positive impact on the international students we assist.


Cullen Comerford

Director of Marketing and Development

Cullen studied Marketing at the Oral Roberts University. As a student, he was a member of the ORU Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), where he learned valuable lessons in project management, finances, and marketing campaigns. He has worked many years as a marketing assistant and marketing analyst.

When Cullen was in high school his family hosted several international students from various countries; those experiences opened his eyes to a world that is filled with diverse cultures. That realization is what inspired him to join the Blue Ribbon Association.


Wesley Ross

Director of Academic Development

Wesley studied Kinesiology at Tarleton State University. After graduation, he began a career as a high school history teacher and football coach in the state of Texas. Wesley is well experienced in the United States high school education system, and his passion for mentoring and teaching young students is why he is the Director of Academic Development for the Blue Ribbon Association.

Wesley loves to travel; it’s his favorite hobby. He has been to over five countries and had plans to visit more. His favorite trip is the two weeks he once spent in China.


Kyle Hindmarsh

Director of Finance

Kyle graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, with his Master’s in Accounting. While attending the school, he was a member of the University of Texas at Arlington Accounting Society. He has a love for numbers that most people wouldn’t understand and is something he has excelled in since he was young.

He is truly honored to work with a team that helps students grow into their own, and he enjoys knowing that by doing what he loves it helps give young minds an opportunity to get the cultural and educational experience of a lifetime.


Paizely Deible

Senior Manager of Corporate Operations

Paizely graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with her Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She has always enjoyed being able to invoke critical thought and reasoning within students. A child’s education is so important to Paizely, it helps shape who they are, and shows them who they can become.

She is truly blessed to be able to work a dedicated team of people who genuinely care about our children’s future. Paizely is sincerely happy opening doors for young people to get an international education and travel to a place never imagined possible.


Amber Hsueh

Marketing and Development Manager

Amber received her B.A. in Multimedia from Takming University in Taiwan. During college she was the project leader for the Summer Graduation Showcase, which was a tremendous achievement. Amber grew up in Taiwan so the decision to move to the United States was a significant one. Once she arrived, Amber began a graphic design internship at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum. This opportunity was a great professional experience and substantially improved her English skills.

As a former international student Amber understands what challenges are presented to the current students, such as culture shock, and she enjoys helping them overcome these challenges.


Thomas Woessner

Onshore Recruitment Manager

Thomas graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. He was a member of the University Ambassadors organization, serving as a representative of the university and the student body at specific events and functions throughout each school year.

Thomas grew up in Sydney, Australia. The experiences he had abroad give him a unique perspective of the world and shaped his international outlook on life. Thomas uses his passion for public relations, integrated marketing to help the Blue Ribbon Association provide the best possible study-abroad program.


Zhong Huang

Recruitment Manager, Japan

At a young age Zhong became a professional swimmer for the Chinese National Swim Team. Once he retired from the sport, he pursued a Ph.D. in kinesiology at the Japan National Institute of Fitness and Sports. After graduation, Zhong began work as a full time researcher for the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences. Zhong served as an assistant researcher for the Japan National Team during the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Zhong is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and English. He handles the recruitment oversight of our Japanese students who chose to study in the United States.


Ping Zhang

Recruitment Manager, France

Ping studied at The Marseille-Mediterranean College of Art and Design, earning his Master’s in Graphic Design. For several years Ping worked in a design studio. Ping eventually formed his own study abroad organization, in France, because he wanted to help talented young students receive their dream education in art and design at some of the best schools in the world.

Ping recently joined the Blue Ribbon Association team because of his working knowledge of international study abroad and exchange programs. Ping is fluent in French, Mandarin Chinese and English.


Chiiya Man

Recruitment Manager, Germany

Chiiya was born into a Chinese family and grew up in Japan. After high school, she attended university in the United States and earned her Bachelor’s Degree. After graduation, Chiiya’s studies brought her to Germany where she would receive her Ph.D. in World Economics at the University of Jena.

Chiiya has been an international student for over half of her life, residing in many different countries while attending impressive institutions. Chiiya is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, English, and German. She utilizes her expertise to recruit and oversee our German students that come to the United States.

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