For High School

Customized Strategy

The Blue Ribbon Association understands that every school is different. We work with each individual school to reach and implement strategies that will best benefit the school and align with their goals and overall vision.

Promoting Integrity

The Blue Ribbon Association believes it is important to form ethical relationships with its partner institutions; this is accomplished by being an honest, responsible and transparent company. We enjoy partnering with institutions who share these similar values.

How We Help


Our Promise To Partner High Schools

The Blue Ribbon Association is dedicated to uniting the best students with the best schools. Through our comprehensive support and services, we actively help prospective schools with:

What We Do

Integrated Marketing

At the Blue Ribbon Association we construct in-depth promotional strategies for each of our partners and connect them with specific and hand-picked students. Our commitment to understanding each school’s image allows us to pinpoint and develop resources that are trustworthy and accurate. The Blue Ribbon Association of International Education’s promotional process includes a variety of transparent components to reach the wide diversity of eager young students around the globe.

Student Assessments

The Blue Ribbon Association takes the student assessment process very seriously. We put forth the effort to place students in the correct and suitable environment for them. We believe it is vital to not only find the perfect school for every student, but the perfect student for every school as well.


The Blue Ribbon Association offers 24/7 support to students, parents and schools. It is often difficult for some families to keep communication with schools (and vice-versa) for a variety of reasons, including language barriers. The Blue Ribbon Association prides itself in our ability to be the link of communication between all parties, as we continually push for your study abroad experience to be a positive, successful and life-changing experience.

Application Process

We are eager to help every student with their school application process because all the weight should not fall on the shoulders of the student, or the schools for which they are applying. Our Blue Ribbon Association employees work with all new and continuing students, are readily available to assist with the application process in a variety of way, and are there to ensure everything is being done correctly.